Job Offer Letter Template

Much like the job or employment agreement, a job offer letter template, is a formal letter sent by the employer to the applicant who has been selected for the job. Generally an employee gets a phone call and is informed verbally but issuing a job letter is part of the formal process for hiring a new person. A job offer letter template can be taken as a summarized form of the contract between the employer and the employee. The only difference is that the employee does not have to necessarily sign it and he/she gets to keep a copy of it. It is the duty of the management from the human resource department of a company to compose and issue the job letter on behalf of the hiring authority.

Details of Job Offer Letter Template

It starts off by informing the person addressed that he/she has been selected for the job he/she had applied for. The job letter format starts by mentioning the name of the company and the name of the person being addressed. After formally congratulating the newly hired employee, it must be mentioned that what job title does he/she is going to have and what would be the possible responsibilities under that job title. A job letter also includes the amount of the salary that is going to be paid to the employee on hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Date of joining along with the working hours or days one needs to work at the company must also be mentioned in clear words. Any terms or conditions that are needed to be conveyed to the employee are also sometimes added in a job letter format. Finally, the letter ends with a closing statement and the signature of the employer along with his/her official stamp.

job offer letter

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