Salary Comparison Chart Template

A salary comparison chart template is made to compare and contrast the salaries being paid in the market for specific job positions by different organizations. It is usually made by employers to re-evaluate the salary budgets for their companies. The data collected for the salary comparison charts can be gathered through salary surveys conducted by salary analysts or through some authentic online resources. Salaries for a specific field and designation, from around the market are then compiled into a chart or a graph. Graphic chart makes the comparison simple and easy to understand. Not only the gross salaries but the deductions and withholding being made on the salaries can also be contrasted in this manner. Salary comparison chart is usually made in an excel format, since adding formulas is easier there.

Details of Salary Comparison Chart Template

The table for the salary comparison chart template contains two or three columns. One of the columns describing the job positions of the employees in a specific field and the other one describing their actual pays around the market. The third and the most important column usually contain the difference between the same job positions among different companies. This table can be converted into pie charts or preferably a graph. The salary comparison chart can be utilized by an individual seeking a job in some field and by going through the current salary range for that field he/she can negotiate with the employer. Law making authorities can make use of the salary comparison chart to ensure that the companies are paying enough to their employees. This perfect and high quality format is example of our quality work and for your ease, we are providing a download button underneath template.

Salary Comparison Chart Template

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