Salary Negotiation Letter

Salary negotiation letter is a formal archive written or composed by the employee in order to inform the employer about the terms and conditions along with the negotiable amount of salary expected. It is another form of a signed agreement between the two parties that acts as a tool to convey message about the salary. After receiving a job letter from the employer, generally, it appears to be the first thing to do for an employee to prepare a salary negotiation letter. Employers also expect their newly hired staff to propose their expected salary in the form of a salary negotiation letter. In some cases, a salary negotiation letter is issued by the employer in order to let their newly hired employees acknowledge the salary range they are can offer.

Details of Salary Negotiation Letter

A salary negotiation letter incorporates the company’s name and the name of the person addressed. In case, if the letter is written by the employer, then the employee’s name comes first and in other case, it is the employer’s name that comes right after company’s name. A statement stating the amount of the salary is added in the letter and it must also be mentioned that the amount mentioned is negotiable. In the end, the letter must be signed by the person who wrote the letter. One must keep this thing in mind that when you are writing a salary negotiation letter, you must use the appropriate format and language since you don’t want to ruin your relationship with the employer. This perfect and high quality format is example of our quality work and for your ease, we are providing a download button underneath template.

Salary Negoitation Letter

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