Salary Notification Template

Salary notification template, just like the name indicates, is a letter issued to notify any changes in the current salary. It is usually composed and issued by the managing authority to inform employees about any amendments in the salary they are being paid. By the time, salary budgets keep on changing for the companies. It is the duty of the employer to inform their employees of any such changes. In most of the cases, salary notification template is issued to inform about the increment or the raise in the salary. In other cases, it is a salary reduction letter that notifies about the reduction in net salary along with the reason for the change. Salary notification letters are usually addressed to a single employee; therefore they are marked with the label stating that they are private and confidential. Since a raise and a reduction in the salary appear to be sensitive matters, therefore, a salary notification letter must be composed carefully.

Details of Salary Notification Template

Salary notification format should be kept as simple as possible and the statement must be clear. Salary notification letter begins with the name of the company and the current date. Name of the employee is mentioned next, followed by the statement briefly describing the change. It must also be mentioned clearly that either it is a salary increment letter or a salary reduction letter. If the changes made in the salary somehow affect the employee’s terms of employment then the employee must be informed ahead of this letter and a new agreement must be signed. The date from which this change is applicable must also be mentioned in the letter. The reason for the change should also be preferably mentioned in the letter. It ends with the employer’s signature and stamp.

Salary Notification Format

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