Salary Planning Template

Salary planning template is used by the managing authority to plan out the salaries of their employees for a specific period of time according to their budget. Generally employers or department heads are provided with a salary budget for a year by their company so they can decide whether or not an employee can get a raise in the salary for the following year. A salary planning format plays a significant role in managing your employees during the whole year. Salary planning format is composed by evaluating the performance of the employees during the past year and the duties they have been assigned in relevance to their current salary. The employer needs to fully understand the salary structure for each job designation or grade assigned to the employees.

Details of Salary Planning Template

The components of a salary planning format include, the company name, name of the department, Average salary raise percentage for each job position, Planning year, raise pool. Besides these, the salary planning format must also include name of the employee, his/her job position and their current salary. The percentage of raise applied to their current salary must also be clearly mentioned in the salary planning format. Along with that, the format also incorporates the amount of raise, new position or promotion if given to the employee with raise should be mentioned. Lastly it contains the budget and the annual impact of the salary adjustments.  It is then signed by the person in authority and is approved by the executive chair person of the company. This perfect and high quality format is example of our quality work and for your ease, we are providing a download button underneath template.

Salary Planning Format

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