Salary Statement Template

Unlike salary slip and salary stub, a salary statement template is a detailed description of an employee’s gross and net salary along with the details of the deductions made on it. A salary statement template is usually issued on the request of en employee, in case he/she wants to review his salary deductions in detail. Some companies provide their employees with their salary statement after an interval of six months or a year may be. It is sometimes asked for by banks, when an employee applies for a loan or a credit card. House owners also sometimes demand a salary statement from their tenant as a security that he/she earns enough to pay the rent. This form is can be presented in court in case if any kind of legal disputes arise.

Details of Salary Statement Template

A salary statement just like a salary slip starts off with the date, name or logo of the company along with the complete street address and the contact number. Detailed description of the salary pas work done per hour is then mentioned next. All of taxes that may include the income tax and other such deductions, such as, Health, dental, basic life savings and insurance, must be clearly mentioned in the salary statement template. It also incorporates the details of the financial benefits that the employee is being provided at the company. The salary statement template is then officially signed by the person in authority. It is usually provided by the accounts department of any firm or an organization after an approval from the managing authority.This perfect and high quality format is example of our quality work and for your ease, we are providing a download button underneath template.

Salary Statement Template

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